Q4 Hiring Predictions for the IT Channel

Channel firms will have to hire. 👏

2023 has been a peculiar year; by now, hiring normally starts to think about tailing off until January, when it goes berserk again.

However, this year, I think it will be slightly different.


Q1: Most firms struggled, and demand slowed. Talent wasn’t available, and yet big vendors started losing heads.
Hiring pauses or freezes started.
Expectations from candidates were at an all time high. 🆙

Q2: Candidates flooded the market. Customer Success, Operations, and expensive Middle Management were made redundant. BUT the talent IT Channel firms really wanted stayed in situ. 👀

Q3: The market stabilised. However, with more redundancies announced and bad press about growth, could we trust that the market was going to get better? A mixed season, as decision makers were away ☀️

Q4: My prediction This quarter, channel firms will start ramping up hiring. This isn’t hyperbole, but most channel firms I’m speaking to can’t keep on waiting for the market to pick up to 2021 and 2023 levels.

IT channel firms will have to start investing again this quarter.

Why ?

2024 will be a great year for the IT channel, and everyone wants to be ready to grab market share.

Let’s get back to work 🚀

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