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Seven Per Cent Fall

Whilst hardly shocking news considering the seemingly never ending decline over the past few years it has been reported that we can expect to watch the PC shipment levels fall by seven percent during 2014. […]

Five Year Low!

It was recently reported that global PC shipments have fallen to the lowest for 5 years according to research firm Gartner. With 80.3 million units shipped in 3 months to September this is reported as […]

Tablets Go Boom

According to a recent report nearly 18% of staff has already been provided with a work tablet. This in comparison to a figure of ‰’only’ 12% this time last year is a massive jump when […]

BlackBerry Doomed?

4,500 jobs to be cut, second quarter net loss of $965 million (£600 Million) and a handset that had the companies hopes pinned on selling incredibly poorly – a complete recipe for disaster by the […]