What we do

Over 12,000 candidates successfully placed? Success like this doesn’t happen by accident or magic. It’s mostly down to hard work and an unerring passion for everything we do.

A large part of that is meeting people and really getting to know them. We speak to more than 150 candidates a week, spending around 40 minutes getting to know each and every one. That’s why we often have the answer before you even ask the question. When we say ‘our talent is finding yours’, that’s no empty marketing claim. We have the track record and the ever-expanding pool of talent at our fingertips to prove it.

Our Services

Like most businesses, you’re likely to want different levels of service from a recruiter at different times. That’s why we offer two alternatives: our Retained service is all about guaranteeing our clients get the best available candidate for the position, whereas our Contingent service is designed to offer you immediate access to the open talent market.


Need someone fast, and truly excellent? Our Contingent service lets you tap straight into our existing network of talent, including the 150+ candidates our team are interviewing every week. Better still, you’ve nothing to lose as Contingent operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.


Instant access to candidates who are actively looking


Use multiple suppliers


See CVs from a range of sources


Looking for nothing but the very best? Our Retained service uses executive search and advanced mapping techniques to identify relevant competitors and their highest achievers. This ensures we find the top candidates for a role, even if they’re not actively looking.


Thorough, far-reaching and effective


Uses the latest recruitment techniques and technologies


If they are out there, we’ll find them

What makes us different

It’s not just that we know lots and lots of candidates in the sector; we make it our business to know them better.

All of us can remember the candidate who interviewed brilliantly, but then wasn’t up to the job. Well, we pride ourselves on going deeper to prevent those candidates ever making it onto the shortlist. Not only do we spend ample time with every candidate to get beyond the veneer, we reference each one, assessing their performance against a line manager’s opinion and previous earnings. The more we worry about these kind of things, the less you have to worry about.

Our Values



We strongly believe that exceptional results are delivered by exceptional teams.


If you’re not always striving to move forward, then you’re falling behind.


Doing what you enjoy; transforming the futures of candidates; exceeding client expectations. What’s not to like?


We are genuinely passionate about technology, people and changing lives for the better.

Meet the Team

You won’t find a more dedicated set of individuals. The ability to put people at ease is vital to our success, so an engaging personality and a friendly demeanour are must-have qualities at Robertson Sumner.

Marc Sumner


Antony Meek

Chief of Staff

Henry Jarman

Recruitment Consultant

Sophie Pawson

Principal Consultant

Francesca Gizzi

Recruitment Consultant

Dane Herridge

Managing Consultant – Sales & Marketing

Nicolle West

Recruitment Consultant

Ben Jameson

Talent Acquisition Manager

Simon McDonnell

Principal Consultant

James Benton-Diggins

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Join the team

If you’ve got relevant experience and have a passion for technology and people, just
send us an email at enquiries@robertson-sumner.com or call 01753 278000.

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