What We Do

We are out there, every day, meeting hundreds of candidates, and really listening to what they are looking for. We share this information internally across our whole network of consultants, to quickly identify the perfect candidate when an opportunity becomes available.

If the right candidate isn’t already looking for a new role, we find them through market leading search and acquisition tools and then seduce them to the hiring table, so you can choose between the best available talent possible.

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Our Services

We offer three levels of service, so you can tailor which approach best suits your recruitment needs



Need someone fast, and truly excellent? Our Contingent service lets you tap straight into our existing network of talent, including the 150+ candidates our team are interviewing every week. Better still, you’ve nothing to lose as Contingent operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

Wide Network

An experienced consultant will leverage Robertson Sumner's extensive network of available candidates, as well as those who respond to premium adverts and speculative approaches for a diverse candidate pool.

No Upfront Cost

You only pay for your chosen hires once they have successfully joined your organisation

High Speed

Choose from a large available pool of candidates who are actively seeking a new role, making it ideal for urgent or volume hiring needs.
Shortlist of candidates within 72 hours

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Our retained service uses executive search techniques & advanced mapping to identify relevant competitors and who their highest achievers are, as well as named targeted companies, so we can approach them on your behalf.


We assess all individuals to ascertain their suitability against your specific criteria.


We use state of the art big-budget recruitment tools to reach individuals who aren’t necessarily actively looking for a job currently.


This search includes 100% of the people who could succeed in your role, not just the 15% of the market who are actively looking for a new job at any one time.

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Benefit from retained recruitment experts who are fully immersed in your company culture and values. Embedded recruiters become an integral part of your organisation’s HR / hiring team.

Best of both worlds

In-house recruiter focus & dedicated recruiter service levels, as well as all the recruitment tools, contacts, budget & reach of a large recruitment firm with global reach and reputation in the industry.

Spread the cost

Spreads the cost of recruitment across the year, month by month.

Deep understanding

Embedded recruiters have an unparalleled understanding of your company, leading to precise candidate matching and assistance with onboarding.

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Meet the Team

Our team is made up of unique blend of IT industry professional's and recruitment experts. This gives us an unrivalled knowledge And expertise that we can share with our candidates and clients.

Marc Sumner

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Fluckiger

Chief Operations Officer

Dane Herridge

Associate Director

Antony Meek

Chief of Staff

Simon McDonnell

Principal Consultant

Sophie Pawson

Principal Consultant

James Benton-Diggins

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Francesca Gizzi

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Henry Jarman

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Ben Jameson

Talent Acquisition Manager

George Sumner

Video Editing Executive

Oliver Constantine

Talent Acquisition Manager

Anthony Pigott

Principal Consultant

Lucianna Kaye

Recruitment Consultant

Dane Carter

Global Sales Director - Software

Sophie Woods

Principal Consultant

Join the Team

If you’ve got relevant experience and have a passion for technology and people, just
send us an email at enquiries@robertson-sumner.com or call 01753 278000.

What Makes Us Different

We have a depth of industry knowledge and connection that is simply not there in younger firms, and impossible in huge multinational recruitment outfits.

We have been placing people in the industry for 25 years. We have placed many candidates in all of their career progressions, so we know them personally, and that helps us make the perfect connection, so that they thrive where we place them. We personally know and speak to hiring managers and speak to them weekly, so we know why people really left, and what individuals are really like to work for! Not just what they tell us … This helps us make the perfect placement by getting under the veneer of both candidates and cultures, resulting in less attrition through bad fit.

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Our Values



We strongly believe that exceptional results are delivered by exceptional teams.



If you’re not always striving to move forward, then you’re falling behind.



Strong nurtured partnerships are at the core of everything we do, with both clients and candidates. We listen, we understand what is required, and we deliver, building trust over time that you can rely on us.