5 Hiring Trends to look out for in 2023.

The technology industry is constantly evolving, in fact I have just today seen the announcement about major layoffs coming in 2023 at both Amazon and Salesforce with “over-hiring” given as one of the key explanations.

Despite these and other high-profile announcements in 2022 the total number of roles being created in the UK tech industry continues to grow.

As the sector continues to evolve, so too do the trends in hiring. From the use of automation to the rise of remote workers, the way we find and hire talent is changing.

But what are the key trends most likely to affect the technology industry during 2023?

Economic Uncertainty

As the UK finds itself creeping into recession the economic uncertainty that this brings can have a significant effect on hiring plans and the availability of talent.  Reliance on technology should mean the technology industry is well protected against wholesale job losses however candidates and companies may be more likely to delay hiring decisions until the economic outlook is clearer.

Gen Z are joining the workforce.

According to Forbes, Gen Z will make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025.  According to HubSpot 54% of Gen Zers won’t complete an online job application if the hiring process is too long, antiquated, or complicated. Prioritising a straightforward interview process, with proper communication through each step, will help hiring managers reach talent while they’re still engaged.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly popular in the technology industry, and it is likely to become even more prominent soon.  AI can automate certain tasks, such as CV vetting, and helping streamline your recruitment processes. Additionally, AI can help to improve the accuracy of data analysis and provide valuable insights.

Remote and hybrid working isn’t going away it is getting more popular:

The rise of remote and hybrid working is another trend that is likely to continue and become more popular into the new year.  In 2022, there was a lot of controversy on whether in-office work was more productive, but on average, remote work productivity was higher. Hiring managers should keep hybrid work or work-from-home as an option to attract top talent with varying priorities.

The Boomerang Effect

We are likely to see a massive rise in companies looking into rehiring former employees over new ones.  We have seen up to 1 in 4 people regret their decision to leave during the “Great Resignation”.  As businesses try to fill in pre-existing or new roles into the new year, make it a priority to reach out to former employees.

Whilst businesses face plenty of uncertainty in 2023 by driving awareness of some of these key trends there is a real opportunity to get ahead when it comes to hiring talent for your teams.

Good luck with your hiring in 2023.


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