In the first week of September alone we have seen a massive uplift in the number of across all parts of the IT Channel.  In fact these have already exceeded the whole of August in terms of net new vacancies.

The whole of the IT Channel seemed to had taken a sabbatical in August and no one was even around for interviews, let alone new hiring requirements. However, Sept 1st the lights went back on and suddenly everyone started calling us.

As a business we only reported only 33 net new jobs in August a record low for the year, but the first week of Sept this has spiked 77 in week one across our 3 divisions.  So in essence there isnt really a better time to start looking for a new role.

Recruitment is cyclical and August is notorious for being quiet, however the spike since Sept 1st has been unprecedented. Clients has suddenly realised if we don’t get hiring in Sept the year will run away and it’s suddenly 2023.

We have also seen a real appetite in people to look at alternative roles, the number of applications from adverts is increasing, which is a good sign that the job market still has confidence.


Marc Sumner – CEO

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