Our latest partnership – Sales Impact Academy

Our latest partnership

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered up with Sales Impact Academy!

Are you looking to ramp up your performance and strengthen your commercial presence?

Then look no further, SIA has you covered. They’re the world’s leading commercial education platform for go-to-market teams. With a catalog of courses developed by industry experts, they’re on hand to support the growth of ambitious B2B SaaS businesses.

Now that we have your attention and we’re sure you’re frantically searching for ways to get involved with SIA. They offer a range of comprehensive courses to help you upskill and stay equipped in Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Revenue Leadership.

Their courses are live, interactive and delivered through digestible 1-hour classes on a twice weekly cadence, all leading towards an end-of-course Impact Assessment and personal certification.

SIAs course structure is highly effective for individuals who seek flexibility within their learning, allowing you to elevate your skills and experience at a pace that suits you.

Burdens? No one likes them. And yet, higher education fails to support commercial roles in its entirety, pushing the burden onto the employer. SIA is bridging this gap by supporting rapidly scaling business, by offering live learning through industry titans like Mark Roberge, Marylou Tyler, Chris Voss and more.


All of this with two priorities…

  • Creating an instant impact for individual contributors and leaders in their current role,
  • And, ensuring instant impact for career progression & growth.

With live teaching being one of their most valuable traits, individuals are brought together from across the globe to learn amongst their peers. Continuous learning pathways are keeping their learners upskilled and knowledgeable on the latest trends, in real-time… It’s a win, win!


Are you ready to know more?

Don’t just take it from us, or them even. The results so far are incredibly captivating, with Ve Global seeing a 50% reduction in the ramp time for the SDRs. Plus, they’re not alone. Cognism saw their close rate increase from 20-30% across the team, and Kleene.ai boosting their meetings booked figures by almost 37%.

Want to learn more about these courses? Absolutely!

SIA provides courses for each persona and seniority level in commercial roles across your full organization. Whether you’re an SDR wanting to learn how to effectively prospect via LinkedIn, or a Sales Leader focusing on scaling your sales org, they’ve got courses for you!

We’re excited to be partnering with Sales Impact Academy to offer our clients the ability to utilize SIA for onboarding and enablement. Whenever we successfully place a candidate, that individual will have free access to any course at SIA, to help them kick start their new role! Their hiring manager will be able to choose which course will be most valuable to them and give them an incredibly valuable resource to 10x their new role ramp up.

If you’re just as wowed with the incredible courses available at SIA and are keen to learn more… Click here to get started.

“The root solution to all problems is education”

Lucy Lynn-Matern Emerge Education

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