Take The Leap – 5 Tips When Moving Industry

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like a new challenge in your career? Did you love the industry you’re in when you first started but as time has gone on, feel like you’ve lost the buzz?!

The topic of this article is to offer our 5 top tips that can offer insight and support to anyone looking to move from their current industry into another. Focusing on the perspective that some/all skills are transferable and general business acumen can be applied to alternative places of work and careers. In addition, is also targeted towards business owners to look and encourage seeking talent outside of their current industry.

Concepts such as ‘a job for life’ and ‘the golden handshake’ have now been firmly left in the dust. The working world has become far more collaborative, dynamic, and open. Career paths can deviate significantly compared to your original expectations say 10 years ago! It was very common for schools and in fact parents to historically encourage a textbook path for your working life…

‘Get your GCSE’s’

‘Go to College’

‘Get yourself to University’

‘Secure a job at a great company’

Even though that journey is proven and a very worthy one, certain individuals may have found themselves feeling intimidated or lacking in enthusiasm by investing themselves in an academic roadmap resulting in starting a career at a different pace. This is not a bad thing of course… Starting at a younger age can teach real life skills very quickly… efficiency and standards, good behaviours, technique, adapting to culture and general business and commercial practices… all things which organisations are attracted to when sourcing new members of their team.

At Robertson Sumner we aim to support our candidates in the transition from one place of work to another, that’s what recruiters do after all! However, it isn’t all about like for like, we are driven by creating career opportunities for everyone we encounter.

Our clients are primarily specialists in the fast paced and ever evolving IT world. This means attracting talent from a variety of backgrounds is crucial… it can offer creativity and perspective for the growth of the business.
Skills, experience, strengths, empathy and most importantly attitude are all primary considerations for businesses when looking to hire.

It can be a daunting prospect for someone to move companies let alone an industry, however its incredibly important to realise that the path that you have found yourself on isn’t a forever journey. There is so much support and guidance out there which can enable individuals to focus on their interests and strengths and progress their career in the direction they want it to go…

If you are looking for a promotion or even entry point into an alternative marketplace which you feel offers significant value, captures your interest and something you know you can see yourself a part of then now is the time to get going!

Here are our ‘5 Top Tips’
when looking at your career path and start identifying those next steps in your life!


  • What do you LOVE doing?

What do you enjoy the most about your current job? What sort of hobbies and interests do you have outside work? What gives you that buzz?

Focusing on areas such as these can really help creating a vision of what you want from your next move.

  • Ask questions

The relationship between employee and employer is a reciprocal one. Its essential that the early stages of contact (interview) that both parties offer transparency with what is expected. This goes for your ambition and interests. Employers enjoy hearing what drives a potential new employee. They can factor it in when thinking about where you could fit in and offer the most value within the team.

  • What transferable skills do you have?

It’s incredible just how many skills you acquire without realising it. Again, what do you feel are your best qualities in the workplace. Where could these be utilised within a new industry or workplace?


  • Learn what you love…

Investing time in reading, learning, digesting content can be incredibly rewarding. Spend time working on yourself rather than spending free time watching Netflix or generally scrolling on the phone. Invest the time in you…


  • Take that leap of faith!

Been in a role or industry for a while now?? You can get comfortable. In order for something to change you have make it happen yourself. Speak with trusted friends and family and build confidence in your decision…you never know what can happen!

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