7 Tips to Hiring a Remote Team in 2021

With the increase trend in remote working especially with regards to the new normal, hiring exceptional candidates and to virtually onboard potential candidates can be a challenging time.

The process of hiring can be quite stressful enough face to face let alone remotely. Its now time to think of a plan on how to hire remote workers for your company. In this article we will be discussing the tips and advice on hiring the best talent for your team!


1. Think of what you need in advance
Think of it this way, if you do not know what you are looking for in life, then overall you will never find what you are looking for and the same goes for if you are looking for candidates. This is where you need to plan out what you are looking for in a remote candidate, what skills are you looking for in this candidate? experience? career history? These are all things hiring managers should all think of before they start hiring remote workers. It should be carefully considered before starting any hiring process.


2. Video introduction
Once you have brainstormed all the qualities you are looking for, this is now the time to publish the job application, after doing so you naturally will get a surge of candidates applying, this can be time consuming, to narrow finding the right candidate down, introduce a short video introduction that requests a few details from the candidate, not only will this fish out candidates who are serious about the role, but you can get a good general overall impression.


3. Skills and experience
Most hiring managers will first look upon is the applicants experience, however consider looking a little bit deeper into their skills and experience. Reason being you want to look out for their long term work experience, if the applicant hops from one job to another this doesn’t show good determination and their work ethic overall.
The key things to look out for here is applicants with long term experience on their CV as it reflects that they have been a consistently good employee for another company.
With regards to skills its important to include their soft skills and see how this can be incorporated within the company culture.


4. Virtual interviews with a task
Even though the candidates you are hiring will be remote these virtual interviews will be a fantastic chance to get a feel and impression of who these people are and how they can be part of your company. Before you schedule a virtual interview, set a small task for the applicant to complete this could be as simple as a technical test, personality test, anything you think would be beneficial to find out more about the applicant and will give you great insight on who to pick when selecting candidates.


5. Group hiring
Once you have hired your selected candidates, the best way to onboard new employees is doing so in groups. Onboarding in groups can make the onboarding process more efficient and adding healthy competition will show the drive and determination of your employees, Overall, this method will save plenty of time with training and bring a all round better experience.


6. Be clear with what you expect
Now that you have hired your candidates, congratulations are in order! But one of the most important steps moving forward is to have a clear set of guidelines and expectations of what you want from the candidate. A common mistake that is made is putting forward an assignment and assuming that the candidate will deliver efficient work for your expectations. This is why it is important you make it clear of your expectations and to be written out. The bases of this should cover everything from working hours, standard processes, response times, company culture, and everything in between that the candidate needs to know.


7. Building relationships
The transition from working in a in person environment to a remote environment can be somewhat of a challenging transition for some. But remember, it is vital to remember that you are building new relationships with your new employees. Once you have established the new candidates ambitions within the companies goals will lead to an overall success for everyone involved. Everyone is driven in their own unique ways and that is why it is important to understand this early on. Setting clear foundations and giving clear/ precise communication with will be a perfect recipe for success in remote hiring!


Now that we have established the key ways on how we can put in place a efficient remote working strategy, remember, if you are just getting started with your first remote hires, know that this is not a process to treat lightly. Most likely you will make some mistakes in the process, it’s only natural, you can potentially hire the wrong people, and so on. On a positive note, each mistake that you make along the way will only serve to make you a better employer.

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