Robertson Sumner salary survey 2018

We here at Robertson Sumner last week released our 2018 salary survey after compiling data from the last 12 months across our 3 key market segments: vendor, distribution and reseller sectors. And we’ve found some rather interesting differences…

Below shows how 2017 and 2018 compare:



Differences from 2017 to 2018

Key stats

Vendor market

  • Big basic salary increases at senior levels:
    • Sales Director up 7%
    • Sales Manager up 12%
  • Between a 5% – 10% increase in mid-level (ISR & Senior ISR) roles
  • The vendor market is still the best market for a grad to join, from a financial perspective


  • Very little increase in basic salaries for graduate and account management roles within the distribution market (around 2%)
  • Otherwise much the same compared to 2017


  • Huge increase (over 60%) in basic salaries demanded by Sales Directors in the reseller market
  • Over 12% increase in basic salaries for Sales Managers (20% increase in OTE)
  • Similar salaries (small increase) in junior to mid-level

Summary of our survey

  • Sales Managers and Sales Directors are able to demand much higher salaries in the reseller/ MSP & vendor markets – especially within the top VAR’s.
  • Reseller salaries have seen the biggest increase between 2017 & 2018
  • Salaries across nearly all levels in the vendor market have increased
  • The most financially rewarding sectors to be in within the IT channel remain as the reseller and vendor markets

So… Are you being paid enough in your role within the IT channel?

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