The Success Series: Beat the New Year rush!

The festive period gives people time to look back and reflect on their year, all the good and bad things, and of course, what to change in the year ahead. The first change is usually progressing yourself in your career and what better time to do this than the new year? This can be extremely daunting which can put a number of negative thoughts into your head – where do I start? Do I have enough experience? What if I don’t settle?

The number one rule is to eliminate these thoughts out of your mind as these can stop you from having the confidence to move forward, when really, you can do it! To begin with, you just need to have an idea of what exactly It is that you want, whether this is a new career entirely or a change within your current industry and this is where we will help you.

Many of our clients are registering jobs with us now so they can have any new starters on board and up to speed, ready for 2017. The benefit of being registered on our database is that you will have first access to new opportunities.

Our dedicated team of consultants understand that changing job is an extremely big step, it’s not something that can be decided overnight and it is extremely important for us to understand what your goals are and where you see yourself this time next year, ready to take on 2018!

Your CV says a lot about you, so it’s worth going the extra mile to ensure its quality and content. It is your chance to sell yourself to a future employer and how you word it can have a massive impact. Making it seem too relaxed can put off a lot of hiring managers and recruiters as you can come across as someone who is looking to interact with them as a friend not as a professional. It’s about finding the right balance and showing what you know, what you want to learn, how you want to progress and how your experience will be beneficial to the company – be proud of the things you have achieved!

Relationships are another factor that can have an impact on your job search. Really get yourself out there as much as you can i.e. via LinkedIn – make your profile stand out, connect with people in the industry and open your own doors. One great feature of LinkedIn is ‰’Groups’ that exist in a number of guises including industry specific, entry level specific and job type specific, and the more involved you are, the more your visibility improves!

Your relationships with other people can play a large part in your career hunt. This could be a simple as a family member or valued friend to help you with your CV or give you a lift to an interview. The more help you get the easier the hunt will be and could open up even more career opportunities. By telling your friends and family you are seeking a new role you have significantly increase the number of opportunities you could hear about and you might even find yourself being recommended to a friend/family members company! Everyone has to go through a process to find a new job and they might have a recruitment agency that helped them who gave them excellent assistance or could warn you away from people who wasted their time.

So remember to remove those negative thoughts out of your head, take the time refreshing your CV and don’t forget to talk to people to really get yourself out there.

Be proud of where you are, and what you’ve achieved but believe that you can do more!

We’d love to help you accelerate your career!

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