It’s not about the money!

Money is not a real motivation to look for a new job there are a number of real valid reasons why someone who seek a new career opportunity but money is not one of them. We have previously looked at a list of up-to fifteen reasons that people generally give for seeking a new opportunity and we often hear people say it is for the money.

Whilst it is one of the most often reasons that people provide for why they are seeking a new job it is completely false. Those who do say they are moving for money are not really moving for the money itself but rather what they want to do with the money – New house, holiday, new car or simple to indulge in their hobby of choice. If someone is just after more money for the sake of getting more money just how serious are they about looking? People in this situation are much more susceptible to a counteroffer and generally will accept that counteroffer.

As we have looked at on numerous occasions taking a counter offer is a very risky option to take and generally the person who does so will end up looking for a new job within the next 6-9 months. Money plays a massive part of all of our lives and we cannot dismiss this from our minds when looking for a new opportunity but it is worth sitting down before you start speaking to recruiters and hiring managers about just how much money do your require every month to pay the bills and still be able to have some form of fun. You will spend most of your waking hours during the week at work with your colleagues – unless you are out on the road on your own – so it is more important to do something you really enjoy then be sitting on a large bank balance.

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