Generic CV or number of specialist CV’s?

A CV is an important first step in securing a new job. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is one CV enough? In today’s world it’s an idea to create a couple of different CV’s putting an emphasis on your different skill sets. Have a CV geared towards your sales skills with information about your targets and how you achieved against them; add some details about how you went about doing it will really help raise your application to the next level.

Something to think about is your covering letter. Send in just a generic letter, if you’re sending it via one of the well know recruitment websites they provide a bog standard letter, and you will just be another nameless application who will not grab anyone’s attention. Write a cover letter with the job spec in mind addressed the right person and it shows that you really are serious about the opportunity and not just window shopping – you may even want to call the recruiter listed on the advert to let them know you have applied and show you are very keen.

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