Want to cancel your interview? Here is how to do it!

There has been so much negativity floating around LinkedIn recently. Recruiters not calling candidates back or candidates making up elaborate lies as to they they can not attend an interview! So I wanted to write post so candidates know how to cancel aninterview properly!

Here are a few tips that you may find useful, should you need to cancel an interview!

  • Inform the Recruiter- out of respect call them! They have put in a lot of effort to get you that interview – the least you can do is pick up your phone and speak to them. Don’t e-mail, text or ignore them totally! Recruiters have a responsibility to inform their clients throughout the process and you will make the recruiter look incompetent or you make the recruiter look like they don’t communicate with you! Remember, the hiring manager has taken time out of their day to see you… All that hard work for nothing!
  • DON’T LIE! – The worst thing a candidate can do is lie to a recruiter! Once you have lied there is no going back! If your reason for not going to the interview is because you have decided it’s not the right company or a difficult location, whatever the reason is. JUST TELL THE TRUTH! Honestly, if you lie you lose all your credibility, even if you are a spot on candidate for another role, they won’t trust you! And nine times out of ten, recruiters are very good at spotting liars from a mile away!
  • If you can’t attend the interview and you are honest about it, express how sorry you are, and that you are still extremely interested in the opportunity! Don’t give the recruiter an opportunity to not reschedule that interview for you. If the reason is genuine they will sort it for you. But they can’t guarantee that the hiring manager will want to see you again.

The most common reasons I have heard in the past:

  • I was just outside the office in my suit, then I suddenly got a call to say my parents were in a serious car crash – can I reschedule?
  • My car broke down, I am waiting for the AA to come and help me.
  • My best friend’s Mother / Father has just died.
  • I have had another job offer. (They apply for one of your roles 2 days later…)
  • I lost my wallet/purse so Icouldn’tpay for my travel.

These are just a few excuses we have come across, the list is endless.

To conclude, honesty is always the best policy! The recruiter is there to help you; they want you to get the highest salary and the best opportunity for you! Trust them & be honest, treat the recruiter like a very good friend. You will always get caught out so don’t waste your time conjuring up a silly lie!

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