How to deal with nerves in a job interview!

Job interviews can be nerve racking – don’t let it stress you out! We have had a few candidates recently that have mentioned they have let their nerves get the better of them during an interview. If you are that type of person that does get nervous when in an interview, then take a look at the following tips!

  • Dress correctly – Give a good impression before you speak, if you look good you’ll feel good about yourself! Dress smartly & in accordance with the company you are interviewing with. (If you go through a recruiter, ask their opinion of the dress code) But, you can never go wrong with a suit / smart attire!
  • Preparation – This is SO important! Make sure you have given yourself plenty of time before the interview to prepare! This can include; what you are wearing, the travel time & journey, who you are meeting and lastly what you are going to bring with you.
  • Research – Make sure you find out about the company and the person who is going to be interviewing you! You can find out information from the following; LinkedIn, Website, Social Media sites. (Google is great for searching all of this) Ensure you know what the company do (what industry are they in?) and what their products or services are.
  • Timing – Arrive on time. Leave an extra 15 minutes earlier; there could be traffic or delays on public transport! You don’t want to walk into your interview late, it will give a bad impression to the interviewer & all you’ll think about is ‰’I should have left earlier’ rather than what you should be focusing on in the interview.
  • Practice makes perfect – the more interviews you go on, the better you will get! If you haven’t had an interview for 5 years, then it really is going to be nervous! It’s just like anything ‰’Practice makes perfect. You’ll learn not to fear them any more…
  • Learn from your mistakes – If you want to nail your next interviews, then takes notes from previous interviews. What did you say that was good? What did you say that was bad? Write down what you are going to do differently or keep the same in the next interview!
  • Be happy and smile! – Something so small, yet so effective! Think of positive experiences you have had recently / previously. Remember to smile, and it will put you in the right mind set!

If you have been on interviews recently and you haven’t been feeling positive and not getting the job, take these points into consideration! They work, so they will help you too!

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