Five things to check before you accept a job offer!

Have you found yourself taking a job without qualifying the company first? Or are you unsure on what steps you should consider before accepting a job offer?

5 things that you could consider…


You spend most of your time at work. It is crucial that you understand the culture of a business that you are thinking of joining! There are a few ways to work out what the culture will be like. Firstly, remind yourself of the interview, how did they treat you in the interview? What did you talk about? There is also no harm in asking where the team sit, you’ll be able to see the atmosphere, so try and picture yourself there!


What type of boss will you be working for? Micro-manager, lazy boss, intimidating boss, influencer? Every boss you will work for will be different, it’s extremely important that you are working for someone that you can work alongside, and also someone who can manage you successfully. If you do not work well with a micro-managing boss, don’t take the job! You’ll probably leave before your probation period is up anyway…


In a candidate led market, some employers are finding it hard to attract staff as Mr Joe Bloggs company down the road is offering the same job, just 10 days more holiday and free company phone – whatever the benefits are – they are offering a better benefits package. Companies are doing what they can to attract their best staff! Whilst benefits shouldn’t necessarily be the 100% decision over your choice in your next role, but it’s important that you do your research, ask the employer what they are offering and compare with the other interviews you’ve been on. Do your research with similar companies, to see what they have to offer!

Travel / Distance

I suppose it depends on how desperately you want the job you have been offered. But do you really want to spend £5000 a year of your salary on a train fare? Do you want to spend 3 hours a day commuting to and fro from your work place? Really think about it. It is imperative to have a work life balance! You might be OK for the first few months, but after a while you may get tired of the journey and start looking for a new job. This could have a negative effect on your CV, use your due diligence and think about the longer term effects of travelling!

Career Prospects / Growth

Are you joining a company that are ‰’growing’ but don’t know they are going to grow? Are you joining a company that will listen to you? Are you joining a company that are passionate about promoting within? Can they map out your career progression in the future? Whilst some people may not want career progression – as they are happy staying at one level – this won’t apply! But if you are looking for a work place, which can offer career progression then ask them how they can support you! If they can’t offer what you looking for – think about your decisions wisely!

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