Turning Down That Job Offer

Almost everyone who goes for an interview wants to be offered a job…

Most people turn down an offer for one of three reasons: The Company, the people or the money on offer. It could be that during the interview process you have learnt more about the company’s financial situation or future plans. Alternatively after a long interview process you have realised that you can’t work with your potential new boss – either a personality clash or they might just be unrealistic in their demands from the team.

If you have been lucky enough to receive and offer you wish to turn down then there are a number of ways to lessen the impact for all parties. First off be honest as to why you are turning it down. Trying to make up a reason why you don’t want to join rather than tell the truth could come back to haunt you especially if you have told someone else the real reason. Act fast in turning down the offer – Don’t just wait for a week or ignore the hiring manager / recruiter and hope they will eventually get fed up and stop contacting you. This will work however your reputation could be irreversible damaged with all parties involved and if you wanted to reopen the possibility of joining the company in the future find the door shut firmly in your face.

If you have been realistic and honest from the start as to your requirements when starting your job hunt you shouldn’t find yourself at offer stage before realising the money or role is not for you. Sit down before you start looking for a new role and come up with a clear understanding of what you want/can afford to earn financial and the sort of role you are looking for. When you are at the stage of discussing a package with a potential employer don’t price yourself out of the picture but make sure you won’t suggest an amount that you will then turn down for not being enough! If you suggest a realistic package you are seeking and that is what’s offered your reputation will suffer an even bigger blow if you turn it down for being insufficient.

If you act quickly and are honest about your reason you might find that your areas of concern can be resolved – perhaps a frank conversation about the personality clash, or the way the team is managed could be the difference between what turns out to be the dream job or a missed opportunity.



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