Job Interview? What to say when you are asked; Can you tell me about yourself…?

Typically, in most interviews you will always get; Can you tell me about yourself?

It is really important that you answer this question right to make a good impression! If you answer the question badly… you may give them the wrong impression & you may lose the opportunity to be put forward to the next stage or even get the job!

If you have any job interviews coming up or maybe had some previous interviews and you’re not getting hired, then take a look at these tips below… they could help and get you that job you want!

  • Planning

Plan what you’re going to say before you even go for the interview; tailor it for the company/job, every interview will be different – show them that you’ve done your research, and show them how you can genuinely benefit the company by employing you. Research is so important.

  • Don’t deviate & get to the point.

There is no need to spend more than a couple of minutes answering this question. You need to tell that hiring manager exactly what you are about & make them think ‰’Yes, this is the candidate for me’. Remember, you want to influence the hiring manager; they want to hear other things about you, which isn’t necessarily on your CV.

  • Make sure what you say is relevant.

This is not the question were you talk about what you like to do in your free time – they’ll probably ask you this later on – ensure that you only talk about work related experiences. For example;

  • How your education (degree if you have one) is relevant for the job you’re going for.
  • Talk about your work experience, what you have achieved. Top biller? Were you promoted? Have you won any awards? Etc.

The hiring manger will be testing you; they want to find out more from you. You need to get them engaged by what you are saying. You want them to have you in the forefront of their mind when they come to making a decision, either for the next stage or the actual job!

To conclude, you need to leave them with a clear message make it obvious that you are capable of the job!


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