How to make your CV get noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager!

How to make your CV get noticed by a recruiter or hiring manager!

Format –It is so important that your CV is in a readable and presentable layout.Here is how I recommend you present your CV;

So, to start put the following details;

  • Name
  • Town / City where you live
  • Contact number
  • E-mail address
  • Short bio of you as a person in a nut shell

I would strongly advise you not to put your date of birth on your CV. And remember it is illegal for any hiring manager / recruiter to ask how old you are or your date of birth. Your age should not deter if you can do the job or not. Obviously, there are jobs that you need to be a certain age e.g. in a bar serving alcohol. Refer to the equality act for more information;

The EqualityActis a law which protects you fromdiscrimination. It aims to prevent people from being treated differently or unfairly on the basis of specific characteristics. The equalityActmakesdiscrimination on the basis ofage, sometimes called ageism, unlawful.


  • Put your employment history in an order. Put your present/last job is first then work backwards. If you put your first ever role at the top – which is dated ‰’2002′, then you give an impression that you haven’t worked for over 10 years which could put hiring mangers off.
  • Lastly, finish off with; Education, Interests & References

Use font ‰’Calibri’ size 11, for headers/ job titles – use BOLD

Here is part of a CV which will give you an idea on the layout….

Untitled design (2)



Language – The language you use in your CV is imperative. A lot of candidates oversee this. You must not forget that this is a professional document that you are using to highlight your professional skills and experience. Use words as such as;

  • Increased – I increased sales by…
  • Reduced – running costs were reduced…
  • Improved – improved service turnaround by…
  • Developed – developed new operating procedures…
  • Researched – researched and generated numerous new clients…
  • Accomplished – accomplished record sales of…
  • Won – Won new business…

Emphasis your achievements & success –Make it loud and clear what you have achieved in your professional career. Here are some examples that you could put on your CV;

  • Employee of the month
  • Top biller
  • Courses you have attended
  • Accreditations
  • Presidents Club
  • Promotions

If you want to put your person achievements on there too, that will make your CV look more impressive! This could be things like, raising money for charity, helping the local community etc.

To summarise, your CV is what is selling you to the recruiter or hiring manager. If you follow these steps, you will notice the difference – and you will get a call backs!

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