Is the perfect candidate actually out there?

Since January the 4th, there has been a huge volume of vacancies in the IT Sales space. There has also been a vast amount of candidates that are looking for a new role… the problem is they are not classed as the ‰’Perfect Candidate’.

These are just some of the essential requirements we get from Clients when they approach us for sales / marketing staff.

  • The candidates must have 5-10+ years of experience
  • MUST be a graduate
  • Needs a book of business

Experience: Ok, so of course there will always be a job where particular experience is required. But you can’t expect candidates to have years and years of experience and be ‰’young’ – it just doesn’t exist. Experience comes with time, and you’re not going to find the experience you required in JUST young people. Now Clients don’t say this…. But they may as well!


Must be a Graduate; What about the candidates that wanted to get a job after school? Are they incapable of doing the same job? Take a look at Lord Sugar, Karen Brady & Richard Branson – they are some of the world’s most successful business owners & entrepreneurs and they never went to University! So why can’t Joe Blogs get the job against a graduate? There are careers that 100% do require a degree educated candidate, Teachers, Doctors etc. That – of course – goes without saying!

In the competitive world if IT Sales, it’s time that clients look beyond University educated candidates and take a look candidates that are just as dedicated and passionate as any other graduate. Let’s say an Art Graduate came across a non-university educated candidate – how is their Art degree going to be of relevance to a sales career? It’s not! (There is nothing wrong with an Art Degree by the way!)

Both candidates are going to need the same training… be open minded! You’ll 100% find more candidates!

schoo leaver

Book of business: If I had a pound for overtime a client asked for a book of business…. I’d be rich.

Ok so…. A successful candidate is hitting target with his or hers selected accounts, why would they leave to go to a competitor to do the same job?

It will get to point where there are vacancies and no candidates to fill them, as the book of business candidates are either not working any more, or really have no need to leave. Don’t forget, those book of business candidates never started with a book… everyone starts from nowhere! Why can’t today’s candidates be given the chance? You are limiting yourself dramatically to open market candidates.

Every day you are turning away candidates because they are not matching your perfect profile, that’s a day without someone making your company money. Be more open, and listen to recruiters – they do know what they are talking about! We know the market inside and out. 🙂

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