“You pay peanuts you get monkeys!” – Want to ask for a pay rise?

  • Have you done your research on what people at your level are being paid?
  • Are you worth a rise?
  • Do you work hard for what you are earning?
  • How do you approach your boss?

In any industry, any job and any location, there is always going to be that feeling that you are not paid enough for your job. I suppose it’s difficult if you think you are worth more but your boss doesn’t – what do you do?

It’s going to be different for everyone; different circumstances will mean there is no right or wrong way about going to ask for that increase in salary. Now here are a few steps that may help you with asking for a pay rise…

  • Do you research – take a look on job boards and competitors websites and compare your salary level to jobs that are out there.
  • Prove your worth –If you want to prove yourself to your boss, it’s well worth your while to create a 6 – 12 month plan of what you seeing yourself doing, how you’re going to impact the business. And don’t forget to show them what you’ve previously done for the company…
  • Propose the salary – you’ve done your research, you know what you should be getting paid – tell your boss what your realistic expectations are.
  • ‰’No you can’t have a pay rise’ – If your boss turns around and says; No – then ask what you need to do achieve or what you need to do to get that salary increase. Don’t let them walk all over you, you have gone to our boss for reason, stand your ground and create a plan that will allow you to get that salary increase. Make sure you agree a time frame, and maybe agree on KPI’s or targets.
  • No Chance – If your boss will not agree to any salary increase, and has no future intention of giving you a pay rise, then you can start looking for a new role – think about the positives from your job, you have more than likely learnt a lot, think of those skills that you have gained. Should you tell your boss you’re going to look for a new job? That’s entirely up to you, but don’t make it an ultimatum for your boss!

If you are a boss… and someone asks for a pay rise. Just remember that sometimes…”You pay peanuts you get monkeys!”

You have to think of what is the most important thing for you, is salary really the most important thing. We all have bills to pay – so of course pay is important. But if you love your job and love the people around you, can you stick the job out?

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