10 Traits of a Successful Sales Person

Thinking about a career in sales?

I have recognised that most successful salespeople share these 10 personality traits.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful sales person?

1. Personable – Sales people understand how to get on with people, they enjoy meeting and talking to a wide range of people. In a social environment, they will usually be very comfortable and confident.

2. Motivated – If you are in sales, you are in it to make money! A sales person will make their money by setting goals which they can focus on and achieve. They have determination to be successful in what they do and they’ll thrive on success.

3. Confident – In sales, you’ll probably hear the word ‰’No’ more than you’ll hear the word ‰’yes’. An efficacious sales person will have that self-confidence to accept ‰’no’ as a challenge not as a rejection. Many people will be affected by rejection; just don’t think of it as a personal rejection!

4. Passionate – If you are not passionate about what you are selling, why would someone buy from you? A good sales person will understand the product or solution, and have the ability to know what their selling inside out. Passion is key, if you don’t see value in what you are selling, you won’t be successful.

5. Autonomous – Typically, a sales role is commission based. The more you sell the more money you make! Naturally, you would be a self-starter too which means you can use your initiative to figure out what steps you need to take to have a fruitful outcome.

6. Hard working – Sales is hard, and to be that successful salesperson you need to have a good work ethic. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work long hours to reach and exceed your target / goals.

7. Well-organised – You must have that mentality of getting things done there and then. No procrastination, this should be non-existent for successful salespeople. You have to be dedicated so you are not easily side tracked. You must be organised with the ability to plan & prioritise.

8. Optimistic – You must be positive and you must be able to turn that negative knock back, into a positive. Getting told no, will just make you stronger. At the end of the day the glass is always half full, not half empty!

9. Consultative – Clients don’t like receiving a cold calls & certainly don’t like to be sold to. Generally, most successful salespeople sell with a consultative approach, and tailor their approach to the needs of the client. It’s a better way to influence their decision to buy.

10. Flexible – It is important that you have the ability to be flexible; each prospective buyer will be different. You must have the capability to quickly recognise this and change what isn’t working.

If you think you have the following 10 traits, you probably have what it takes to be a successful sales person! If you are looking to kick start your career in IT Sales, then in get in contact with one of the team.

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