Sell, Sell, Sell!!!!

Everyone is a sales professional…

At first thought that statement is incredibly false – what about those working in HR or support functions? But if you consider the statement carefully the truth is everyone is in sales the big question is what are we selling and to whom?

Simply put you are selling yourself every day. Even if you have a full time, well paid position, in an established and very stable business you are actually running your own business as well. The product you are selling is you and the services you’re providing are the skills and knowledge developed over time. Every day we are making a sale when we arrive at work – the fee is already set – it’s a fraction of your salary calculated to discover a daily rate and the customer you are selling to is your employer.

So what does this have to do with recruitment and job hunting? Well the harsh truth of the world in these modern times is no job lasts forever and the days of working for only one company are now long gone. So if you find yourself in the situation where you are seeking a new ‰’employer’ remember that your business is still intact and can be developed and grown as you have only lost your most recent client not your business!

Take the opportunity if you are between jobs to develop your skills and knowledge to better become more valuable to your next ‰’client’. By developing your skills and knowledge, from simply developing your understanding of a Microsoft program at home to taking a third party course you will be better position to ensure ‰’client’ satisfaction from your next employer.

A surprising number of people when question said they expect their employer to provide, without asking, suitable personal development programs and third party training providers. However if we consider the analogy we have looked at they we are all responsible for selling our own business to each other every day then surely the onus is on you – the business owner – to take charge of developing your brand. How many of us have gone up to their boss and said that they want to develop skills and knowledge and can steps be taken to assist?

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