What If I Had Actually Tried?

Our careers are filled with seemingly never ending possibilities and opportunities. From the simple but enjoyable option of whether you work from home today to the career changing decision of seeking a new career. It is impossible to make the right decision time and again no matter how hard we try or how perfect we consider ourselves. However…. When it comes to working there is one ‰’What if’ you should never find yourself asking – What if I had tried a bit harder?

In an age where the office has never been fuller of suitable distractions, especially when sitting in front of a computer, many are the people who have been forced to leave a job because their employer caught them browsing the internet. How does this fit into the Robertson Sumner’s focus on IT Sales recruitment? Well the number of people we discuss new opportunities with grows day by day and the amount of candidates who are unsure of what they are seeking in a new career is surprisingly high! It was once said that you should never make your hobby your career as you will ruin your love for whatever it may be. But you must make sure that your career of choice is an industry, a role, and a company you want to be. Otherwise you will find the temptation to not give it your all far too tempting.

Job satisfaction goes hand in hand with the amount of effort that an individual is willing to put into their role. The more effort you are putting into your career the more satisfaction you should be taking away. This might sound all very well and good and a simple way of trying to fill a few paragraphs for a blog but the logical is clear and simple but ignored by so many people:

Do a job you enjoy, in an industry you are passionate about and for a company you feel pride in and you will never do a day’s ‰’work’ for the rest of your career.

There are those who say that moneyisn’teverything, often to be instantly accused of only making this statement due the level of funds they enjoy but perhaps they are right? Happiness in yourworking life – which takes up so many of our waking hours – be that work life balance or selling something you are passionate about is more important than money?

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