They’re Just Not That Into You – Part Two

Last week we looked at signs that hiring managers and those conducting interviews can give off to show they are not interested or are losing interest in you and your interview. It doesn’t matter how perfect you might be for this job – if you can make them pay enough interest so you can sell yourself and your skills what chance do you have?!

Notes: We all wish we have such a good memory we don’t need to take notes – however for most that is far from reality! For the top candidate the hiring manage will be recounting the details of the interview to company management and the notes will assist them in this. If your interviewer has stopped taking notes then they might already be considering the facts that you might not be the candidate for them. If you have already been giving answers and information that had them taking notes then what were you saying that they obviously liked? Highlight the skills and experience they find most important and relevant for the role even if they aren’t your best attributes. Steer the conversation back to these areas and try and expand on them as much as possible without going over the top.

Relevant Experience: When all said and done the hiring manager’s duties is to find potential employees who have the experience and skill set to contribute towards the company’s goals. If you have managed to secure an interview then you must have something of some relevance. However if they aren’t sure you’re the right fit they might skip past however you skills and knowledge will translate into this new role. Everyone should be proud of the knowledge and achievements you have secured during your career. Having secured the interview you should have a clear idea what they are looking for in a candidate. Take the opportunity when it presents itself to reiterate your abilities and how they will convert into this new position. Always ensure to bring the conversation back to how you can become an important asset as everyone is looking for someone who can become integral to the business’s future development.

Post Interview: Once the interview is drawing to a close you should be given some clear indication as to the next steps the process will take. I.e. will there be a second interview or perhaps a telephone call with someone in senior management? If this information is not forthcoming then take the opportunity at the end to ask if there are any reservations they currently have about your ability to do the job and reiterate your desire and interest levels in both the role and the company. If the hiring manager has any reservations whilst they are interviewing you they will only grow stronger once you depart and you will not be able to alleviate any of their fears yourself.

Remember watch out for these signs and others could be the difference form rescuing victory from defeat however the best way of ensuring success is to be prepared, do your research on the business and try to stay calm and composed during the interview itself! Be yourself as you want a company who are going to want you for what you truly are not what you are pretending to be.

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