The Company Jigsaw Puzzle

Developing a company is a time consuming and difficult business. Not only are you trying to generate the revenue to sustain the company’s ongoing survival it is ownership and managements responsibility to secure the long term future. To this end which is more important having the strategy in place and finding the people to make this happen or vice versa?

Logic would dictate that the company will survive beyond the service of one or two individuals so to build the company’s future plans on their existence is a very risky business. This doesn’t ring true for all companies however for most business this is the case. So it would appear that we have already answered the hypothetical question we set ourselves at the beginning of this blog.

However…. Whilst this sounds like the logical answer which will ensure a brands continued growth – i.e. create your strategy then hire those to make it happen – unfortunately this is very often not the case. A growing number of businesses seem to be hiring people who they like and feel have the drive and personality they seek and then consider the best way to fit them into the company. The end result of this tends to be the amendment to the company’s long term goals and aims to fit the individual into the business.

This might be easily done however it can cause unparalleled levels of upheaval and the reallocation of duties for other staff members. This will not only breed resentment by those whose roles have been changed but places a great deal of pressure on the new staff member who has caused this commotion.

This is not to say that this approach never works but if you are charged with developing and growing a business then you need to pick one approach and stick to it. Created a long term strategy that you know will make the company successful? Then don’t rush into the hiring process just because you get on well with the person you are interviewing. Take your time to find the right person who fits neatly into your strategy and can achieve the goals you are requiring form them.

On the flip side of this if you are responsible for a company with a more flexible future then by all means hire those who you feel can have a real positive impact on the business and then decide on the best way to fit them into the company but make sure everyone who joins is aware that their job requirements could change based on future hiring.

But…. I know which route we would chose to go down and as that old adage that one of staff members is so keen on; You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan….. Long term planning works and finding those to make it happen ensures everyone knows where they fit into the business.

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