You Twit(ter)!!

Almost everybody loves Twitter… The chance to say what you feel or think at any moment throughout the day and for people you know to take and interests. It has taken over from Facebook as the most popular Social Media website with millions of tweets posted every second throughout the world. It is hardly surprising that it has caused a few issues for people searching for a new job and even cost some people their jobs! If you like your job and want to keep it or are serious about seeking a new role then you have to remember that it is very difficult to conveyhumourina message that can only be 140 characters long.

A quick search on the internet will bring up lots of examples of people who have lost out on a job due to their tweets including one individual based in American who had been offered a role with a prestigious IT company only to tweet about the fantastic news and talk about how they will love getting a bigpay-chequebut the down side is they will have to do a job they hate – suffice to saythat offer was swiftly withdrawn! Dropping the ‰’F-bomb’ when using the company’s twitter feed can see swift retribution in the form of the offender cleaning out their desk. Most ‰’F-bomb’ incidents have occurred when people have accidently tweeted from the wrong account, using the business feed rather than their own. Whilst this might be a valid excuse the fallout can be just the same.

Other examples include the individual who tweeted how much he hated his job and how his boss was mentally challenged all the while forgetting that he was connected to his boss on Twitter and he could see very single tweet. Suffice to say that person was informed that they no longer needed to turn up for work the next day!

Of course it’s not just Twitter that is causing problems. Facebook has been responsible for it fair share of firings. Another quick search brought up a story about a nameless individual posting a message saying how much they hated their work and the boss made her do boring stuff just to annoy her. It didn’t take long for the boss in question to post a message reminder the individual that she must have forgotten that she had added him on Facebook and pointing out several facts about her post. Namely the boring stuff she complained about was her job and what she was paid to do and the fact that she doesn’t enjoy it was due mainly to her complete inability to do even the simplest tasks properly. The end of the message was the employee being informed that she was fired and her P45 would be in the post!

If you want to keep your job or are seeking an new one then think carefully before you post anything to your social media profiles or added you colleagues and boss as connections. If you are seeking a new role then you can expect the possibility that your potential new employer might just check your profiles so take a good long look at them and make sure there’s nothing on them to put them off.

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