Bizarre interview questions

Why, when you are in an interview do they always throw in a seemingly bizarre question, normally, right at the end? Is there a right or wrong way to answer them and what are some of the strangest questions people have encountered?

When it comes to interviewing you never know the next question that is coming at you and as much as you prepare for the normal standard why do you want to work here type questions those bizarre questions can floor even the most prepared! Some bizarre interview questions that have been encountered include:

  • If you were one of the Muppets which one would are you?
  • If you were a children’s TV character who would you be?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5 how weird are you?
  • Tell me the funniest joke you know
  • What is your favourite film?

All are seemingly illogical questions when asked especially when they come after towards the end of a long tough interview with more serious ‘professional’ questions but the interviewer has not just thrown them in as a joke. Most bizarre or unexpected questions are asked to see how you handle thinking on their feet and if you can develop a realistic and rounded answer without having the advantage of pre-interview preparation.

This is an especially handy skills to have in a sales environment as you could imagine the pain it would cause if you couldn’t quickly deal with a slightly off the wall question by a client or prospective customer and lost months of hard work?! Generally there’s not a right or wrong answer but some answers might not put you in the best of light.

If you are expected to work as a member of a close knit team that are very outgoing and friendly saying you are one of the two grumpy men in the balcony from the Muppet’s might just have the interviewer think if you could actually fit in with the rest of the team or telling them you consider yourself 5 out of 5 for weirdness will certainly not help you progress!

All of the questions are intended to find out a bit more about your personality and what sort of character you have – not to help discount you from the interview process but rather to give the Hiring Manager/Interviewer a better idea of how you might fit in with everyone. Nothing can be worse than taking the plunge and hiring a new team member only to discover that have a personality that doesn’t fit with the rest of the team… With that in mind we will leave you with some even more bizarre questions that have been asked in interviews for reasons best known to the Interviewer!!

  • What’s the meaning of Life? (42 if you like ‰’Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy’)
  • Should I move house?
  • Takeaway Curry or Chinese?
  • Do you think I should ask my girlfriend to marry me?
  • Worse Fashion faux pas you’ve ever made?
  • Please bring in an object with you to the next interview that represents you

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