Call Off The Search!

Just in case everyone has been living in a cave for the past week or so you can call of the search for a new Microsoft CEO!! After months of searching since the news broke of Steve Ballmer’s intention to stand down as CEO the hunt has finally reached the end and Microsoft have their man.

After all the reports of Microsoft outsiders being favorites to get the job, including the Ford CEO, Microsoft stuck with convention and went with an internal candidate Satya Nadella. Having worked for Microsoft for over 20 years Satya Nadella originally worked for competitors Sun Microsystems before making the move to the industry juggernauts.

A big challenge awaits the new CEO as he takes the big seat. Making sure not to make the same mistakes regarding new technology trends as his predecessor did during the early days of the smartphone. No doubt his first areas of focus will include tackling the question of big data and the ‰’Internet of Things’ however these are questions that most technology companies are trying to answer.

The mobile market has proved to be a massive money maker for companies and Microsoft has missed out on this multi-billion dollar industry. Nokia must find itself at the heart of Microsoft’s mobile strategy especially consider the company spent $7.14 billion on Nokia’s devices and services division towards the end of 2013. Nokia’s then CEO, a former Microsoft man himself, Stephen Elop was touted by some as the successor to Ballmer’s thrown – rumors that persisted right up to Satya Nadella’s crowning. Microsoft are going to need to invest time and money in generating a coherent strategy and develop some exciting new mobile products if they have any hope of breaking Samsung and Apples hold on the smartphone marketplace.

Innovation is key to any company’s long-term success and survival an area many consider Microsoft have fallen short in over the past few years. Yes we have seen the Surface Tablet and Windows 8 but neither has been greeted with the consumer buzz that Microsoft would have been hoping for. The console the Xbox One had a difficult unveiling with Microsoft forced to backtrack on a number of issues seemingly highlighting the indecisive nature of their innovative focus. Bill Gates will hopefully be able to assist in getting this back on track as he moves into a Founder and Technology Advisorrole following his resignation as chairman but it could be quite a long time before the impact is seen as a consumer level.

Time will be on the new CEO’s side as people sit back and wait to see what occurs as no one can expected a massive company such as Microsoft to change direction and any existing polices instantly so 2015 and later can promise to be a very interesting and exciting times!

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