I Don’t Want To Talk To You…

A report not too long ago revealed that more people use their smartphone to communicate via text message rather than actually speak to each other on the phone. How long will it be before we start texting clients and prospective business rather than picking up the phone? It’s not an unprecedented event as most people prefer to email rather than speak on the phone as it gives them the chance to say what they want without fear of interruption and for their thoughts to be put into the right order. It seems to be rapidly growing preference to receive emails rather than phone calls simple because they are easier to ignore.

The report revealed that the age group most likely to text than call is the 15-24 range so what happens when their career progresses and in ten years’ time these are the people in management positions? True technology might have advanced beyond simply texting but it could have become a habit to these people who try and make it a business tool. We are already seeing recruitment websites that give you the option to send a candidate a text to let them know you would like to discuss their CV and at first glance it seems to get more of a reaction.

It doesn’t matter how far technology advances the only way to truly build a relationship with your clients so you can hit your sales target is to talk to them. This can be a very off putting thought if you are new to the role which is why most fall into the trap of using email and it is simple impossible to succeed if you rely only on email. When it comes to building a relationship with a new/potential client the phone is king…

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