Go Do The Anatomically Impossible!

The vast majority of us have at one time or another left a job for one reason or another. Whilst most of us have dreamed on occasion of telling a boss to go and do the anatomically impossible with their job there is much more productive, professional, ways of handing in your notice? If you are being made redundant then normally the how and when your notice is made is out of your hands but what if you are the one who has made the decision to leave?

No matter how much we might dislike your bosses or the company we work for we are – or at least should be – professionals at the end of the day. Today’s colleague or employee could be tomorrows clients so make sure your exit is as amicable and friendly as possible. Don’t try and tell them every spiteful thing you think about their company but if you do have constructive, helpful, advice to improve the employee / employer relationship moving forward then simply ask them if they would like to hear it. I can guarantee that 99.99% of people would say ‰’yes please’ and take on board what you tell them.

As tempting as it might be to screw, you’re soon to be, ex-boss by hiding information or taking stuff with you all it will result in is you looking pathetic and childish and who knows they might even use the legal system to come after you. If you do feel that there’s some information on your computer you want to deal with before your frog marched out of the building then ask! Got personal login details stored for your computer and what them deleted then just say so and offer to please a complete list of logins for any work relevant systems/sites the might require. The more helpful you are the tidier you leave what used to be your work the more professional you look and the more likely the will engage with you in the future. Remember at the end of the day you are just trying to maintain a professional, networking, relationship with your previous company and colleagues as you never, ever, know what’s around the corner.

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