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Richard Blanford

Richard Blanford

CEO of Fordway Recovery


On this episode, we had Richard Blanford CEO at Fordway on the Channel Chat podcast.

Based in Godalming, Surrey, Fordway was founded in 1991 by CEO Richard Blanford. Whilst we have grown and the technology changes, personal service, and customer care remain at the heart of all we do. Fordway’s IT as a Service provides organisations with joined-up IT capabilities and consultancy to run excellent IT Services.

This is underpinned by their commitment to ensuring long-term customer success. Many of Fordways customers use them as their long-term partners and rely on their services and expertise to deliver true business value. As a result, they have been involved in some fantastic UK projects.

Marc Sumner discussed with Richard how Fordway over the last 12 months tackled mental health in the workplace, the history of Fordway, how they kept staff morale up over the pandemic, alongside topics of predicting the various trends we can see in the future of the channel, you won’t want to miss this!!

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