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Paul Fifiled

Paul Fifiled

CEO and CO-Founder at Sales Impact Academy


Series 6, Episode 16.

On this episode, we had Paul Fifiled, CEO and CO-Founder at Sales Impact Academy on the Channel Chat podcast.

Sales Impact Academy is the world’s leading go-to-market learning platform providing a live-learning curriculum for B2B go-to-market teams on an annual subscription basis.

Marc Sumner kicked this episode off to find out how Paul went from wanting to be a Rockstar to now being CEO, his journey and how he got involved with SIA, the lack of training within tech sales, and why it isn’t taken seriously, Pauls and SIA’s journey from the pandemic up until now And his views on probation and why it should be abolished in all companies!!
And so much more, you won’t want to miss this, You won’t want to miss this!

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