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Lance Williams

Lance Williams

Chief Product Officer


Series 6, Episode 9.
On this episode, we had Lance Williams, Chief product officer at Distology on the Channel Chat podcast.

Distology combines value-added support from highly qualified technical specialists and well-informed channel managers with a wealth of marketing support and resources on their partner portal to help you support your customers and compete for new business. They pride themselves on the ease of access to their service, the flexibility with which they work with their partners, and the great relationships that exist within their network.

Marc Sumner sat down with Lance all topics on the table from Lance’s journey from Softcat plc to Distology, how are peoples mental health in the IT Channel after the pandemic, company cultures and the importance of knowing the culture and being part of it and a story about wardrobe mishaps that involve a stapler!? And much more! You won’t want to miss it.

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