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Joseph Castle

Joseph Castle

Chief Executive Officer at Tecnologika


Series 6, Episode 8.
On this episode, we had Joseph Castle, Chief Executive Officer at Tecnologika on the Channel Chat podcast.

Since 2009, Tecnologika has been at the heart of designing and implementing IT solutions globally. From mission-critical trading systems that execute millions of trades by the world-leading banking institutions to the communication systems controlling navigation for the world’s largest maritime service providers, They are trusted to provide the backbone IT infrastructure that drives global commerce.

Marc Sumner sat down with Joseph and discussed all the hot topics, how Joe started his business at 22 up until now! The toughest challenges he faced over the past year, how he overcame them and what the future holds. How the tech industry needs to adapt to get a more diverse workforce and the lack of floral shirts from Marc Sumner and much more! You won’t want to miss it.

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