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Drew Lydecker

Drew Lydecker

CEO and CO-Founder Co-Founder and President at AVANT


Series 6, Episode 18.
On this episode, we had Drew Lydecker, CEO and CO-Founder Co-Founder and President at AVANT Communications on the Channel Chat podcast.

AVANT’s vision was and is still today to be the global leader in powering next-generation technology decisions. They built and proved our business model by being the distribution engine behind some of the largest Value Added Resellers (VARs) in the world selling telecom, cloud, and IT to their customers.

Marc Sumner kicked this episode with Drew on the hot topics in the channel topics such as the story of AVANT and Drews’s journey & challenges he faced in the early years. The initiatives in place to celebrate women in the workforce and the value in the awards and how do we get people from outside the channel in if they have no experience? And SO much more!!!

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