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Alastair Borissow

Alastair Borissow

VP, Global Head of Circular Technologies at Westcon-Comstor


On this episode, we had Alastair Borissow, VP, Global Head of Circular Technologies at Westcon-Comstor on the Channel Chat podcast.

Westcon-Comstor is the leading global technology provider and specialist distributor of business technology. Operating in more than 70 countries, they deliver business value and opportunity by connecting the world’s leading IT vendors with a channel of technology resellers, systems integrators, and service providers. They combine our industry insight, technical know-how, and decades of distribution experience to deliver value and accelerate our vendors’ and partners’ business success.

We spoke to Alastair about his journey from the land down under, to working in the UK. Sustainability… The right thing to do or just a real commercial opportunity. Marc Sumner certainly got educated on this topic.

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