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Julie Simpson

Julie Simpson

CEO at ResourceiT Consulting


Series 4, Episode 4.

Host Marc Sumner was joined by Julie Simpson, CEO at ResourceiT Consulting

“We want more women in our IT firm, but none are applying” 👀🤔

Wow! I really did get an education from Julie Simpson CEO from ResourceiT Consulting Ltd on this subject, on the Channel Chat podcast show.

Her passion for women in tech 👩‍💻 is unbelievable! 🦸‍♀️ In fact, I would go as far to say I was completely converted. I honestly didn’t really think about it much before. I just didn’t understand why it is was an issue and so important. But her answers on the show really make me think differently! 🎙🎙👏👏

3 things to consider

1) Are your job specifications attracting or appealing to women.

2) Promote current success stories from your current team. 👩‍💻 🥳

3) Does your company promote itself as a diverse and inclusive organisation. Take a real honest hard view. We all need to take look at our companies and see what we can change for the industry to address this.

Thoughts IT Channel?