Psychometric Testing - Robertson SumnerRobertson Sumner

“Mitigating wrong hires through trait identification…”

As I’m sure you would agree, hiring the right sales people for the business is critical and can be the difference between a good year and a great one.

Robertson Sumner understands this process can be challenging and some clients make hires based purely on “gut feel”.

Our clients previously wanted additional information when interviewing potential sales talent, so we created a bespoke psychometric testing facility, for the sole purpose of identifying the best sales professionals, and in-turn helping our clients in making the right hiring choices.


Clients who have already started using our tests for their hiring, have given us feedback that it has helped reduce the risk of wrong hires and facilitated in securing the right sales professionals for their business.

As a company we wish to engage with, we would like to help you to benchmark your top sales performers, and enable you to identify the right people during your hiring process.


Please call today to arrange this test and report which will enable you to make the right decisions for your team and business.